Kingdom Dates Company, since its establishment in 1987 as a betting horse, its first concern is to reach the top, and in order to achieve what it longs for, until it reached its goal.

Our Farms

Kingdom Dates owns farms in different regions in Riyadh and Qassim. We do our best in our agricultural projects to produce various types of dates of high quality with good supervision for the implementation of agricultural operations and programs according to the highest international standards that guarantee the safety of products from any colorants, the most important of which is pesticide residues, which laboratory results have proven that these are free. The products are leftovers, all under the supervision of a distinguished group of highly experienced engineers.

The Kingdom's dates operate a number of farms containing no less than 250 thousand palm trees.

Care of farms and crops

There is no doubt that giving farms special care and selecting palm trees has an impact on their yield of dates. All this is done by a specialized team specially trained to take care of palm trees, where tens of thousands of palm trees are observed and their condition is monitored and the extent to which each palm obtains the appropriate level of nutrition, and this naturally affects the The quality of its fruits is from dates, and after harvesting the dates crop, only the excellent quality of each type is selected, so that the process of sorting and manufacturing in the Kingdom’s dates factories begins.

Farms - Agricultural Techniques

The stages of manufacturing dates pass through strict quality systems through the latest equipment and technical equipment operated by highly qualified human elements, as these stages are modified and upgraded based on the company’s needs and the expansion of its activities

production techniques

The techniques used in the different stages of production in the Kingdom Dates Factory take into account the conditions that the product will pass through, such as sorting, grading, cleaning, packaging and storage, so that it maintains its quality through its various stages.

Dates are usually packed in different sizes and packages of varying sizes based on the consumer's desires through packaging machines with special specifications in line with international food standards. Other items are also prepared in the form of gifts in special molds of different packages and sizes.

Farm 1

Region: Al-Qassim, Al-Bada’i, Al-Dhima Road

Area: 4,694.910 square meters

Number of palm varieties: It contains 14 varieties of different and finest types of palm

Date palm varieties: Sukari, Barhi, Ruthana, Shishi, Tori, Sagai, Napata Seif, Khalas, Majdoul, Tigris Nour, Napat Sultan, Khudari, Nawae’ and Stahl.

Farm 2

Region: Al-Qassim, Al-Bada’i, Al-Dhima Road

Area: 992700 square meters

Number of palm varieties: It contains 8 varieties of different and finest types of palm

Palm varieties: Barhi, Ruthana, Shishi, Khalas, Majdoul, Nabat Seif, Stallions, Napat Sultan