Kingdom Dates Company, since its establishment in 1987 as a betting horse, its first concern is to reach the top, and in order to achieve what it longs for, until it reached its goal.

Our Factory's


In our factory, which is equipped with the latest devices and modern machines, we use the latest technologies to produce the finest types of dates. We take care of their cleanliness and select them with great care. Then they are classified according to size. This is based on qualified cadres with high experience in their field, supported by more than 200 workers and technicians, with their keenness on quality standards, their goal. From this sorting and grading is to provide the best in terms of size, color and taste to satisfy the tastes of our customers and achieve their desires.

Production and quality control

We use quality in all processes from management to planning to design to manufacturing, installation and inspection, to warehousing and supply and carefully examine all our products by well-qualified experienced for quality control and supervision of production lines to make our products of the best and finest varieties, types and products of dates

The Kingdom’s dates are keen on the safety of products through the use and implementation of a clean farming program that guarantees the safety and quality of products and that they are free from pesticide residues used in agricultural programs during prevention and control operations and as part of its expansion.. Kingdom dates succeeded in expanding its production capabilities, especially during seasonal periods, and thus succeeded in Making the necessary balance between production and the provision of date products throughout the year.